Customer Relations

At Customer Relations Department, our basic goal is to Create a Corporate trust based on Integrity and Fair Handling of Inquiries & Comaplaints,
At IMC Customer Relations is focused on providing complete support to customers by connecting with them, owning their problems & seeing them through to resolution in an efficient & effective manner. We believe in our customers and keep them at the forefront by engaging them through different channels. Four key elements to achieve this are:
  1. Opening a larger window for Customers
  2. Swift and Sure handling of Inquiries & Complaints
  3. Making the "Voice of the Customer" the basis for corporate renewal
  4. Improving corporate image and better informing customers to support Sales & Service activities


  • Have appointment to avoid disappointment (UAN: (051) 111-142-142, Ext. 104, 110, 111).
  • Get vehicle periodically checked up after every 5,000 K.M.
  • Always use Toyota Long Life Coolant, Toyota Motor Oil, Toyota Brake Oil, Toyota Gear Oil.
  • Keep tyres properly inflated.
  • Avoid unusually raised and. Pendant objects while driving.
  • Always use Seat Belts.
  • Keep your car properly Tuned Up - save Fuel and Environment.
  • Use Toyota Genuine Parts, Non - Genuine Parts may reduce life and resale value.
  • Use silicon free car polish to save body paint life and lusture.
  • Avoid TV and use of Mobile Phone while driving.
  • Avoid deep water 0perations.
  • Check refueling-diesel for diesel-gasoline for gasoline powered vehicle improper fuel will ruin Engine.
  • Care for pedestrians while driving.
  • Wash bird drop immediately from painted surface delay may cause paint damage.
  • Changed Specifications of Wheels
  • Poor Quality Fuel
  • Long Idling
  • Clutch Riding
  • Overloading
  • Road Conditions
  • Maladjusted Wheel Bearings / Brakes / Wheel Alignment etc.

  • Increase vehicle performance & reduction of its operating cost
  • Increase life of the vehicle
  • Avoid major damage that may occur later involving huge cost
  • Prevent unexpected / surprise breakdowns
  • Maintain Re-sale of the vehicle
  • No spending long hours in workshop
  • Provide peace of mind and comforts to the customers
  • Customers enjoy safe driving

Why periodic mantainance ?
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